Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold

First sentence:

"In the box was a belt."


"The twentieth century I returned to was - different. Alien

The languages were different, the clothing styles, the maps, everything. The cities were smaller, the buildings were shorter and the streets were narrower. There were fewer cars and they seemed ugly and inefficient. There were slave traders in the city that would have been New York. There were temples to Gods I didn't recognize. Everything was wrong.

I could have been on another planet. The culture was incomprehensible.

I went back and talked myself out of eliminating Jesus Christ." -- from the back cover

My thoughts:

This book was an interesting take on time travel and identity. While I liked the main character, I wish the book had been longer and more detail given to Dan's adventures in different time periods.

Date read: 12/19/2008
Book #: 92
Rating: 3*/5 = good
Genre: SF

ISBN-10: 1932100040
ISBN-13: 9781932100044
Publisher: Ben Bella
Year: 2003
# of pages: 115
Binding: Trade Paperback
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