Friday, December 26, 2008

Arson and Old Lace by Patricia Harwin

First sentence:

"I pulled the car in close to the hedgerow and turned the key, and that amazing silence came down."


"'You're a librarian, not a detective,' Catherine Penny's daughter reminds her. But Catherine, suddenly single in her sixties, finds it easy to slip into sleuthing mode when she leaves behind New York City and a failed marriage for a lovely 17th century cottage in the idyllic English village of Far Wychwood.

But behind the town's quaint stone walls and lace-curtained windows lurk dark secrets and whispers of witchcraft. And when her crusty neighbor George Crocker dies in a tragic fire, Catherine alone suspects arson. Lacking hard evidence, the police pay little attention, and the villagers swear she must be mistaken. Catherine, however, is one feisty expatriate American who leaves no stone unturned when circumstances point to murder. She may not be Miss Marple -- yet -- but her ingenious knack for uncovering the truth is about to take Far Wychwood by storm" -- from the back cover

My thoughts:

This was a good cozy mystery with interesting characters. I liked how Catherine sought the truth in the death of her neighbor and I look forward to reading the next book in the series, Slaying is Such Sweet Sorrow.

Date read: 11/29/2008
Book #: 84
Series: Far Wychwood, #1
Challenge: Unread Authors Challenge 2008
Rating: 3*/5 = good
Genre: Mystery

ISBN-10: 0743482247
ISBN-13: 9780743482240
Publisher: Pocket Books
Year: 2004
# of Pages: 278
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
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