Friday, June 22, 2007

Spring Reading Thing - Wrap up!

I finished the Spring Reading Thing Challenge yesterday, completing all the books I set out to read:

Steven Sherrill. The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break
Amanda Eyre Ward. Sleep Toward Heaven
Ken Follett. Jackdaws
Robert Ferrigno. Dead Silent
Sheri Tepper. The Visitor
Pat Cadigan. Tea from an Empty Cup
John Le Carre. A Perfect Spy
Joan Clark. An Audience of Chairs
Caleb Carr. The Angel of Darkness
Robert Silverberg. Sorcerers of Majipoor

And here are my answers to the questions Katrina posed here:
  • What was the best book you read this spring?
An Audience of Chairs by Joan Clark. It was a moving story about a woman who learns to prevail despite mental problems.
  • What book could you have done without?
Tea from an Empty Cup by Pat Cadigan. It was a good book, but confusing at times.
  • Did you try out a new author this spring? If so, which one, and will you be reading that author again?
I tried many new authors: Steven Sherrill, Sheri Tepper, Joan Clark, Amanda Eyre Ward, and Robert Ferrigno. I'll probably try their books again in the future.
  • Did you come across a book or two on other participants' lists that you're planning to add to your own to-be-read pile? Which ones?
My TBR mountain is big enough, thank you. I tend to avoid other people's lists, though all the titles look very tempting!
  • What did you learn -- about anything -- through this challenge? Maybe you learned something about yourself or your reading style, maybe you learned not to pick so many nonfiction books for a challenge, maybe you learned something from a book you read. Whatever it is, share!
I learned that it's good idea to not pick so many large books to complete. A Perfect Spy, Angel of Darkness and Sorcerers of Majipoor were all over 500 pages!
  • What was the best part of the Spring Reading Thing?
Whittling down my TBR mountain!
  • Would you be interested in participating in another reading challenge this fall?
Definitely! :)


Literary Feline said...

I've been wanting to try something by Sheri Tepper for awhile now. I think I have one of her books in my TBR collection, but not the one you read. An Audience of Chairs sounds interesting. I'll have to look for that.

I just recently read Amanda Eyre Ward's latest called Forgive Me and really liked it. I see you read her first novel. :-)

Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

krin said...

Thanks for the comment and for the Ward recommendation. I'll keep an eye out for Forgive Me.

Katrina said...

Great job finishing all your books -- especially with those HUGE ones on your list! Thanks for being part of the Spring Reading Thing!

krin said...

Thanks for the comment. Next challenge I'll try to remember to check page counts before selecting the books! :)