Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times edited by Kevin Smokler


"The sky is NOT caving in on American letters. Far from it. The immensely talented writers in this collection all came of age professionally in the last decade--and all chose reading and writing over another more lucrative and decidedly flashier pursuits. They became producers and consumers of the written word at the most media-saturated time in history, a time when books face greater cultural competition than ever before. Why? How did they come to writing as a calling? What's the relevance of literature when the very term seems quaint? Bookmark Now answers these questions--and many more you probably never thought to ask. Like: What to do when your rabid fans start writing fiction about you? Why don't you have to choose between John Updike and Grand Theft Auto? And, can you really get paid for it?

The end result is not only a voyeuristic peek into the creative lives of today's writers, but a timely glimpse into a changing book business. Storytelling, it will become clear-as a means of self-realization, community building, or simply putting one's point across-is NOW more relevant than ever before."

My thoughts:

This was a very good anthology of essays looking at the state of reading and writing in the 21st century. I especially liked the essays "The Invisible Narrator" by Howard Hunt, "Lying to the Optician: The Reading Experience Rated" by Tracy Chevalier, and "A Computer Ate My Book" by Douglas Rushkoff.

Date read: 6/22/2007
Book #: 50
Rating: 3* = good
Genre: Nonfiction

ISBN-10: 0465078443
ISBN-13: 9780465078448
Publisher: Basic Books
Year: 2005
# of pages: 281
Binding: Trade Paperback
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