Saturday, August 16, 2008

Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds by Joy Adamson

First sentence:

"For many years my home has been in the Northern Frontier Province of Kenya, that vast stretch of semiarid thornbush, covering some hundred and twenty thousand square miles, which extends from Mount Kenya to the Abyssinian border."


"There have been many tales of animals' return to the wild, but since its first publication in 1960, when the New York Times hailed it as a 'fascinating and remarkable book,' one stands alone as the most original and perhaps best-loved animal story. Born Free is a classic which traces the extraordinary development of the lion cub Elsa in transition between two radically different worlds." -- from the back cover

My thoughts:

I remember I saw the movie years ago, but I had never read the full story of Elsa and her human family Joy and George Adamson until now. I liked reading about Elsa's curiosity and how even as she gradually left the Adamson's care, she never lost the bond she had with them.

Date read: 7/26/2008
Book #: 50
Challenges: What an Animal! Challenge, TBR Challenge 2008, Non-Fiction Five Challenge 2008
Rating: 3*/5 = good
Genre: Nonfiction

ISBN-10: 039474635X
ISBN-13: 9780394746357
Publisher: Pantheon
Year: 1987
# of Pages: 220
Binding: Trade Paperback
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