Friday, November 30, 2007

The Children of the Company by Kage Baker

First sentence:

"The man has an air of authority."


"Take a ride through time with the devil. In the sixth book of the Company series, we meet Executive Facilitator General Labienus. Hes used his immortal centuries to plot a complete takeover of the world since he was a young god-figure in Sumeria. In a meditative mood, he reviews his interesting career. He muses on his subversion of the Company black project ADONAI. He considers also Aegeus, his despised rival for power, who has discovered and captured a useful race of mortals known as Homo sapiens umbratilis. Their unique talents may enable him to seize ultimate power. Labienus plans a double cross that will kill two birds with one stone: he will woo away Aegeus promising protege, the Facilitator Victor, and at the same time dispose of a ghost from his own past who has become inconvenient."

My thoughts:

While a bit long a times, this was a fascinating look at the Company through the eyes of Labineus and Victor. I especially liked the sections featuring Victor in San Francisco just before the 1906 earthquake and the one featuring Kalugin in the sunken ship telling his story to a worm.

Date read: 11/24/2007
Book #: 104
Rating: 3* = good
Series: The Company, #6
Genre: SF

ISBN-10: 076531455X
ISBN-13: 9780765314550
Publisher: Tor Books
Year: 2005
# of Pages: 304
Binding: Hardcover
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