Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Sixth Lamentation by William Brodrick


"Larkwood Priory, England: Father Anselm is stopped by an old man. What, he is asked, should a man do when the world has turned against him? Anselm's response: claim sanctuary. But the answer sets off more trouble than he ever could have imagined when the man returns, demanding the protection of the Church. He is Eduard Schwermann, a suspected Nazi war criminal.

Agnes Aubret has unburdened a secret to her granddaughter Lucy. Fifty years earlier, Agnes was in occupied Paris, risking her life to smuggle Jewish children to safety-until her group was exposed by an SS officer: Eduard Schwermann.

Not only has the Church granted Schwermann sanctuary before; in 1944 it helped him escape from France to begin a new life in Britain. As Anselm attempts to find out why and as Lucy delves deeper into her grandmother's past, their investigations dovetail to form a remarkable story."

My thoughts:

A very moving book about family, memory and reconciliation. I especially liked the way Lucy's and Father Anselm's stories eventually intertwine as they and others learn the truth about who betrayed the Resistance group, the Round Table.

Date finished: 2/13/2007
Book No.: 16
Rating: 4* = great
Genre: Fiction

ISBN-10: 0751535818
ISBN-13: 978-0751535815
Publisher: Time Warner Paperbacks
Year: 2004
No. of pages:433
Binding: Paperback

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