Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

First sentence:

I had been making the rounds of the Sacrifice Poles the day we heard my brother had escaped.


Meet Frank Cauldhame. Just sixteen, and unconventional to say the least:

Two years after I killed Blyth I murdered my young brother Paul, for quite different and more fundamental reasons than I'd disposed of Blyth, and then a year after that I did for my young cousin Esmerelda, more or less on a whim.

That's my score to date. Three. I haven't killed anybody for years, and don't intend to ever again.

It was just a stage I was going through.

My thoughts:

This was an interesting book about discovery, treasure and manipulation.

Date read: 7/22/2011
Book #: 20
Challenge: TBR Challenge 2011
Rating: 3*/5 = good
Genre: Fiction

ISBN-10: 0684853159
ISBN-13: 9780684853154
Publisher: Simon and Shuster
Year: 1984
# of pages: 184
Binding: Trade Paperback
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