Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Words Reading Challenge

Winter Words Reading Challenge
December 31, 2008 - March 19, 2010

For this challenge, participants chooses the number of books they plan to read (3 to 8). Then they pick one of two words which have the corresponding number. For instance, if I want to read four books, I choose between the words snow and sled. The word I picked is an acronym, and I have to read books that have a title word starting with one of the letters or the author's first or last name starts with one of the letters in the word.

I will read five books, and my word is frost:

F: Iris Johansen. Final Target -- finished 1/26/2010

R: Vernor Vinge. Marooned in Realtime -- finished 2/13/2010

O: Béa Gonzalez. The Mapmaker's Opera -- finished 1/17/2010

S: Kelly Link. Stranger Things Happen -- finished 2/11/2010

T: Larry Niven. Tales of Known Space -- finished 2/22/2010

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