Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dreamside by Graham Joyce

First sentence:

"Lee was having trouble sleeping."


"It began as an experiment in college -- a seemingly harmless investigation in to 'lucid dreaming,' the ability to control one's dreams. Ella and Lee, Honora and Brad: four students linked by youthful longings, all four of them game for something new.

But the dreams turned more and more real -- and when the four of them learned how to meet one another on Dreamside, the experiment began to engulf their waking lives. Then, in a spasm of violence, they flew apart, fleeing from Dreamside and from each other.

Now, ten years later, the dreams have returned to upend their adult lives -- and, most frightening, to drag the four of them back into one another's company. Worse, they each need the others' help.

The dreams of youth fade, if you're lucky. If not, they can consume you -- and they will." -- from the inside flap

My thoughts:

This book was an interesting look at lucid dreams and what happens when dreams invade reality. I like the interactions between the characters as they struggle to understand what happened years ago.

Date read: 11/6/2009
Book #: 55
Challenges: 999 Challenge
Rating: 3*/5 = good
Genre: Fantasy

ISBN-10: 031286633X
ISBN-13: 9780312866334
Publisher: TOR Books
Year: 1991
# of Pages: 254
Binding: Hardcover
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