Friday, October 3, 2008

Chunkster Challenge 2008

When: January 7 - December 20, 2008
What: Read at least 4 books. Each book must be at least 450 pages regular type or 750 pages large text. See more information at the link above.

My picks

Tad Williams. The Dragonbone Chair (768 pp.) -- finished 2/9/2008
Susannah Clarke. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (846 pp.) -- finished 4/25/2008
Simon R. Green. Deathstalker Rebellion (519 pp.) -- finished 8/18/2008
A. A. Attansio. Wyvern (693 pp.) -- finished 8/29/2008

1 comment:

Literary Feline said...

You will be reading two of my husband's favorite books for this one! The Dragonbone Chair and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I've only read the latter, which I also enjoyed. Maybe someday I'll tackle Tad Williams. :-)