Monday, October 22, 2007

Mother Aegypt and Other Stories by Kage Baker

First sentence:

"The young man opened his eyes."


A brand new short story collection from Kage Baker, including an original novella set in her ongoing series of The Company, "Mother Aegypt".

  • Leaving His Cares Behind Him
  • The Briscian Saint
  • Desolation Rose
  • Miss Yahoo Has Her Say
  • What The Tyger Told Her
  • Nightmare Mountain
  • Merry Christmas from Navarro Lodge, 1928
  • Her Father's Eyes
  • Two Old Men
  • The Summer People
  • How They Tried to Talk Indian Tony Down
  • Pueblo, Colorado Has the Answers
  • Mother Aegypt
My thoughts:

I enjoyed this anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories. I especially liked "Nightmare Mountain" (myths of Eros and Psyche combined with an eccentric Californian), "Merry Christmas from Navarro Lodge, 1928" (changing the future from the past), and "Pueblo, Colorado Has the Answers" (alien manifestations and a time bubble).

Date read: 10/13/2007
Book #: 91
Rating: 3* = good
Genre: Fantasy/SF

ISBN-10: 1597800570
ISBN-13: 9781597800570
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Year: 2004
# of Pages: 249
Binding: Hardcover
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