Sunday, December 30, 2007

TBR Challenge - 2007

I just joined MizB's TBR Challenge for 2007. The rules are to pick 12 books which have been collecting dust on the shelf for at least six months and read them during the year.

Here are my 12 books (in no particular order):

  1. Jim Crace. Arcadia -- finished 1/10/2007
  2. Ed McBain. The Mugger -- finished 2/7/2007
  3. Jane Smiley. A Thousand Acres -- finished 3/21/2007
  4. Ken Follett. Jackdaws -- finished 4/14/2007
  5. Jack Dann, ed. Future War -- finished 5/21/2007 [substitute for The Other]
  6. Robert Silverberg. Sorcerers of Majipoor -- finished 6/21/2007
  7. Derek Lundy. Godforsaken Sea: Racing the World's Most Dangerous Waters -- finished 7/4/2007
  8. Dean Koontz. Sole Survivor -- finished 8/12/2007
  9. Lisa Gardner. The Next Accident -- finished 8/29/2007
  10. Louis L'Amour. The Haunted Mesa -- finished 11/13/2007
  11. Roger Zelazny. The Courts of Chaos -- finished 12/26/2007 [substitute for Knight of the Black Rose]
  12. Ken Follett. The Man from St. Petersburg -- finished 12/29/2007


Literary Feline said...

Great list! I have the two Follett books you mentioned in my TBR room. I didn't add them to my challenge list for this next year, but someday I may get to them. I'll be eager to hear what you think of them. Good luck with the challenge!

krin said...

Thanks! I got all of these books through Bookcrossing, so I had a record of when I got them. I think Arcadia is the oldest.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on these books!

nessie said...

I never heard of any of these books though some of the authors are familiar. thanks for introducing them.

krin said...

You're welcome, nessie!

nessie said...

I have been keeping it to reading my tbr books for the first of the month. i look forward to it.... would you consider joinging another challenge one that is much crazier (ie my own!)?

krin said...

Thanks for the invitation, but I think I'll pass. Good luck with your challenge!