Friday, December 29, 2006

Challenges, Challenges!

Besides the From the Stacks challenge and TBR 2007 challenge, I'm participating in these other challenges on 43things and Bookcrossing:

From the Release Challenges forum on Bookcrossing:

  • "Keep Them Moving" challenge - I did this in 2006. The goal is to read and release books received from other bookcrossers. I will do this again in 2007.
  • "Reduce My TBR Piles" challenge - Some people are listing their TBR books, but since I have over 200, I'll just list the books I read and the TBR count at the end of each month. My goal is reduce my TBR list by 50% or at least get close!
  • "Ultimate Reading and Releasing" challenge - overlap with the "Reduce My TBR Piles" one!
From 43things:

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